Experience right brain learning  now available online!

Live weekly classes/daily program conducted by our TweedleWink Teachers available via Zoom.

AVAILABLE ONLINE: Weekly right brain enrichment classes for infants, toddlers and preschoolers designed to build rich neurological connections.

AVAILABLE ONLINE: Weekly right brain classes for children and teens, specially designed to foster speed reading, photographic memory, and observation training.

AVAILABLE ONLINE: Our Right Brain Montessori preschool blends our unique right brain curriculum with Montessori philosophy to foster creativity and joyful learning

Classes for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

A Right Brain, Montessori-inspired Approach to Early Childhood Education

Our classes bring our dynamic TweedleWink and Wink curriculum to you in just one hour, once a week. The classes focus on preparing your child for the future with a rich curriculum, creatively presented to kindle a lifelong love for learning and whole-brain synergy.

Our Right Brain Programs

TweedleWink (ages 0–6)

TweedleWink lessons build the roots for later learning with fast, playful lessons that cover Language, World Culture, Math, Science, Art, Music and Montessori Practical Life. 

Wink (ages 7–12)

Interactive lessons that boost creativity, and activate the right brain abilities of photographic memory, holographic imagination, creative thinking, speed reading, and more!

New! Our Right Brain Reading Program

Appleseed Reading Program (ages 4-6)

Reading done the Right Brain Way. Phonics, sight-words, spelling and grammar get an exciting new take with our literacy program.

Our Right Brain Montessori Preschool

TweedleWink Playhouse (ages 3-6)

Our TweedleWink Playhouse is the world's very first Montessori preschool with right brain education as it's foundation.  We're proud to say that out children thrive in our uniquely blended preschool that features our American Right Brain curriculum in a Montessori setting. 

Right Brain Learning with an American Heart-Based Curriculum

Convenient Damansara, Puchong and Klang locations!

Ages 0–12


Enrichment Classes

Weekly fun and playful

right brain classes

Choose from:

• TweedleWink (0–6)

• Wink (7–12)

• Appleseed Right Brain Reading (4-6)

Ages 3–6



Daily right brain-oriented

Montessori preschool

Our unique, blended Right Brain Montessori Preschool brings the TweedleWink spirit to life in a daily immersion program for children age 3–6.




Periodic informative

positive parenting workshops

Our approach to positive parenting combines the research and experience of both our founders. Learn how to be a right-brain parent in a left-brain world.

Why Right Brain Classes? What do they do?

Good question! There are two sides of your child’s brain: a right side, and a left. And each side has a personality. 

The left side is logical, orderly and practical.

The right side is sensitive, creative, intuitive and highly photographic.


You might wish to know: "What are right brain classes? How will TweedleWink impact my child's future? What can I expect?  

Listen along as Wennie Sun, our co-founder and president of Right Brain Kids, explains in this short 3-minute talk.

Our TweedleWink and Wink right brain learning programs promote whole brain development by honoring both sides of the brain. We teach in a creative way that speaks to your child’s playful, passionate right-brain spirit, not just standard left-brain academics to appeal to reason and rationality. We deliver our teaching to the right brain first, and then to the left. We focus on heart. This playful teaching technology — when given to children early in life — maximizes their full potential of heart and mind. How? Speed reading, photographic memory, 4-D creative visualization, imagination and problem solving become second nature. These amazing qualities can be lovingly cultivated in your child with early, playful training... in a series of weekly right brain classes!

When you honor both sides of the brain, your child has open access

to a playful, creative spirit, a compassionate heart and a powerful, photographic mind.



Looking for right brain books, products or online courses?

Our online store ships worldwide and has a wide selection of products and right brain courses for parents and teachers alike.  We offer a whole range of products and home study materials including flashcards, workbooks, videos, DVD lessons, children's story books, study guides and more.  We'll help you nurture your child's right brain "super powers." 

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Learn more about our programs.

Our international site offers more information on our programs, consultancy for preschools and program licensing opportunities for countries worldwide.

Order streamable flashcards or lesson DVDs—right to your home.  Looking for a rich homeschool curriculum or to teach your child right brain lessons at home? We've got you.


Take an on-line course.

Our online training caters to teachers and parents looking to expand their knowledge of right brain learning. Our learning portal has videos, materials and lessons at your fingertips!