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in Right Brain Education?


Today’s children need a new way to learn.

As you may have read by now, you might realize that we see children a little differently than most. 


We believe that children... 

  • Learn through multiple senses — they register information beyond the five physical senses.

  • Absorb vast amounts of information at an incredibly fast rate.

  • Are extra-sensitive to their physical and energetic environment.

  • Are intuitively aware of our thoughts and feelings, responding to love and unconditional acceptance.


We believe children can excel and be self-motivated in their pursuit of knowledge when they are in a well-prepared setting with 3 key parts. 

  1. Environment

  2. Materials

  3. A good — no, a GREAT! — teacher


We call this The TweedleWink Learning Triangle

Can you guess which aspect is most important?

YOU! As a TweedleWink teacher, you hold the most value in each child’s learning journey.

Do you love children, too?

Are you interested in a heart-based, right brain teaching career?

TweedleWink right-brain lessons are a progressive, non-traditional way of teaching. We blend creative, cutting-edge accelerated learning techniques with time-tested Montessori principles. 

Our goal is to teach children in a way that engages their active right brain genius. We nurture and encourage children to make their own discoveries. 

Our vision is that our innovative learning approaches will help the new generation of today’s children create solutions to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Do you share our goals & vision? 

We offer a supportive working environment, great benefits, a career path opportunity. We would be happy to have you join us in this service to children!

Our Heartfelt Vision

Our TweedleWink and Wink right brain philosophy is simple. Our schools and enrichment techniques are designed to raise the world’s children to a place of great wisdom, empowerment and love.

We believe that when we improve the way our children relate, act, react, think, feel and peacefully, creatively solve everyday problems, we will make the world a better place for all future generations.

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