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as early as 6 months.

Start early. Keep going!

TweedleWink and Wink are unique early learning programs designed to provide rich neurological connections in your child’s mind during their formative years. Like the roots of a tree, a healthy foundation including flashcards and right brain materials set a powerful platform for lifelong growth.  Deep, vast roots = tall, healthy tree with a strong trunk!  

Your child is ready for input. And we’ve got the perfect formula. So are you ready to get started?

age 0-3

TweedleWink Infants/Toddlers 

Start flashcard input now and follow with whole brain PLAY! 


AGES 0-3 • This is your child’s highly absorbent learning period. It is said to be super critical for lifelong learning.  Anything that you do now will leave a lasting impression on your child's capacity to think, process emotion, and love for knowledge well into the future.

age 3-6

TweedleWink Preschoolers 

Let your child's right brain CREATIVE GENIUS shine! 


AGES 3-6 • During this stage, we actively tap into the magical faculties of the right brain. TweedleWink’s continued flashcard input is combined with Wink’s speed learning program in our weekly classes AND lovingly prepared, powerfully supercharged right brain preschool program. Come visit!

age 3-6

Appleseed Right Brain Reading

Ready, set, read!   


AGES 3-6 • With our TweedleWink Appleseed Right Brain Reading Program, learning to read is child's play — literally!

We use flashcards, songs, right brain games, eye exercises, grammar play, spelling play, rhymes, and hands-on writing and drawing practice to reinforce your child's confidence in phonics and sight words.

age 7-12

Wink Elementary 

Prepare your child's heart & mind for speed learning! 


AGES 7-12 • Wink is a gentle but powerful method that recognizes both hemispheres of the brain — the logical left and the creative right — to accelerate learning, activate photographic memory, promote speed reading and make learning fun! 


Your child will learn all 7 steps of Wink: Alpha Relaxation, Eye Exercises, Mental Imaging, Observation Training, Memory Linking, Photographic Memory, and Speed Reading. 

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SetiaWalk Mall

Wed - Sun 9am - 5pm

H-08-04, Setiawalk 1

Persiaran Wawasan

Pusat Bandar Puchong

47100 Puchong


School Telephone

03 - 8600 - 8211


012 243 6018


Neo Damansara

Daily 9am - 5pm

B-2-01 Neo Damansara

Jalan PJU 8/1

Damansara Perdana

47820 Petaling Jaya


School Telephone

03 - 7710 - 1090


012 265 6018


Bandar Botanic

Tues - Sat*

*Enquiries by appointment only

20, Jalan Mahogani 1

Bandar Botanic

41200 Klang


School Telephone

03 - 3325 - 7808


012 263 9978

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      +60 12-265 6018

TweedleWink Puchong

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TweedleWink Klang

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