Our right brain programs nurture the whole child.

If you stop in and tour any of our TweedleWink centers, you will find that we do things a little differently. We play. We move. We encourage exploration and discovery. We allow each child to blossom at his or her own pace.  

The right brain is the primary hemisphere absorbing information during the first years of life. During this time, we focus on playful input. We provide a rich, stimulating environment that fosters your child’s right brain development — the side most active in young children, and the side which most often neglected and under-appreciated. Then as your child grows and displays strong, healthy signs of left-brain development, we add left-brain enhancement activities as well. 


Here’s what you should see in any high-quality right brain program...

Move & Play, Giggle & Learn

Move and play
Heart-based teachings

Your child's brain develops more efficiently as he moves, explores and plays.


We fill each lesson with plenty of action using games, songs and educational toys. 
Our teachers make learning even the most complex subjects effortless and fun.

The right brain needs loving relationships.


Our teachers maintain a loving and gentle frequency during each class.
Our lessons flash information to the natural beat of the heart so as to support your child’s developing central nervous system.

A rich curriculum

The right brain can learn vast amounts

of information quickly, effortlessly.


That's why our curriculum is very rich, and includes Math, Science, Language, Art, Music, World Cultures, Character-Building and Speed Reading Readiness.

No tests or comparisons
A gentle heartbeat pace

The right brain shuts down when it senses undue pressure, criticism or stress.


We allow children the freedom to develop at their own pace. Our program is based upon your child's developmental stage, not age. 

Our teachers maintain a loving and gentle frequency during each class.


Our lessons feature flashed information

to the natural beat of the heart to support your child’s central nervous system.

Happy teacher frequencies

The right brain is sensitive to the frequencies of thought and emotion.

Happy teachers make happy students. 

We stand with our teachers and invest in their development. We’re a team! 

What the experts have to say

Dr. Celeste Miller

Education Department Chairperson

Winona State University (USA)

TweedleWink was founded 30 years ago in order to understand and promote alternative types of learning which may use aspects of the unconscious as well as the conscious brain to maximize learning.


Anecdotal records kept by Ms. Hickein indicate that there are significant changes in learning abilities when children are exposed to tonal

qualities from bells, musical selections, imaging techniques, relaxation techniques, and alternate ways of learning academic content. This is an educational experiment which I have been following closely. The positive results—based upon strong relationships with surrounding adults—have deep implications on education in our society.

On a number of occasions, I have had the opportunity to witness TweedleWink lessons. I have seen young children identify and match dozens of upside down math, language and picture cards. I have even seen babies match cards using their feet to indicate their choice. I know of a child who at a young age could routinely guess the correct number of jelly beans in a jar. That these abilities exist is hardly a debatable point to those who are familiar with this phenomenon.

We are at the dawn of a new age of understanding about the unconscious as well as the conscious brain and TweedleWink is dedicated to providing quality materials to explore the new understandings we are obtaining from neuroscience.

The positive results—based upon strong relationships with surrounding adults

have deep implications on education in our society.

 - Dr. Celeste Miller

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