“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” 

— Albert Einstein

7-12 years

We teach photographic memory and speed learning skills with lively games, imagination-building “magic carpet rides” and low-stress, team-based lessons.

Wink makes a lifelong impression!


Wink’s whimsical techniques train the mind to experience learning as PLAY! This can impact a student’s entire future.

30 YEARS of Wink classes have enhanced later learning, artistic endeavors, professional jobs, a personal “can-do” attitude, problem-solving, joy, playfulness and love of life. 


Here's what students enjoy — long after lesson time.

• Deeper relaxation

• Playful photographic memory

• Speed reading/speed scanning

• Stronger power of observation

• Vivid visualization & imagination

• Natural creativity, intuition and invention

Why Wink?

In most educational systems, the right hemisphere of the brain is underutilized. The process of learning through drills, repetition, tests and quizzes depends upon the linear, methodical left brain, which builds memory through logical links and repetition. 


Left brain education is like peddling a bicycle with one foot. It can be done, but why ...when you have the capacity to do more, with more

With Wink, we show you how to fully utilize your child’s right brain photographic memory and creative, multi-sensorial, inventive, photographic imagination. Wink boosts traditional learning by developing and sharpening your right-brain photographic memory capabilities, visualization skills, intuition and creativity.

Each of the Seven Steps of Wink has a different and unique purpose. Together, they stimulate inspired flashes of right-brain inspiration and link your child’s creative genius to the practical left brain.

Wink is an innovative right brain enrichment and enhancement program for helping older children and adults strengthen and maintain an active right brain engagement. It is based on Drs. Ornstein and Sperry’s Nobel-prize-winning split-brain research, as well as other contemporary subsequent theories on accelerated learning.

Wink Elementary Enrichment Program

Garden Snail

Early Elementary

Beginning speed reading and

photographic memory skills


Early Elementary

Teacher-led speed reading

and memory skills


Early Elementary

Team speed reading

and memory skills



Early independent speed reading

and memory skills



Intermediate speed reading

and memory skills



Active application of memory

and speed reading skills

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