Positive Parent Support

Right brain education is not just a way to learn... it's a way to live to your fullest! 


At TweedleWink, learning is a community process and YOU are the most important part of the equation! Your involvement in your child’s learning is important to us — both in and out of the classroom. Happy children open up to limitless right brain potential. Being a positive right-brain parent is not always easy. It takes practice and patience. But the rewards are ENORMOUS! Our friendly and loving teachers and staff are always here and happy to discuss any questions you may have.

TweedleWink Tours and Talks

New to right brain education?  Then you might want to know what it is and why is it important. No worries. We’ll walk you through the whole process — from how the right brain works to how it can help your child’s learning even later in life. 

  • How does the right brain work, and what is the right brain window?

  • How can I keep my child’s right brain pathway open and active?

  • What does it mean to be a right brain parent?

  • What does a right brain class look like?



New Parent Orientation

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All signed up & ready to go! New TweedleWink parents start their learning journey off with a bang in our parent orientation. This will help you understand a little more about our program, about your child’s development and some “do’s and don’ts” to help maximize your child’s experience. 

You'll learn more about:

  • TweedleWink Parent Handbook

  • Your Child's Current Class Type/Schedule

  • Positive Right Brain Classroom Practices

  • Positive Parenting Tips & Strategies



TweedleWink and Wink Milestones

Patient, positive observation. As your child develops and grows, we like to keep you up-to-date on progress, fun memories from the classroom, likes and dislikes we’ve observed, as well as what really motivates him/her to engage in lessons. 


We’ll talk about:

  • What is your child’s current developmental stage?  ...next milestones to look forward to?

  • How does each level tie in to the next?

  • What can you do at home to supplement your child's learning? ...behavior? ...passion?

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Be inspired! Be the change. Our parenting workshops draw on the wisdom and experience of our founders Wennie Sun and Pamela Hickein. Our past workshops have included topics such as: 


  • Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Genius

  • Know Thyself: The Key to Parenting

  • Parenting Right Brain Kids in the Computer Age

  • An Introduction to Inner Family Archetypes

  • Right Brain Parenting: Unconditional Love

  • Right Brain Parenting: Hold the Highest Image

  • Right Brain Education for Left Brain Parents

Powerful Parenting Workshops


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